EasyBoot is an integrated tool to create MultiBoot, Menu driven Compact Discs with local language. It has the ability to automatically produce boot image files, and generate the ISO file as well.
Using your CD-R/W Recording software such as Nero or Roxio to Record the ISO, you get a bootable CD that completely belongs to you. You can customize it with your companies name or slogan or even use it for your clients.
The original native OS system CD's are disappointing - not to mention Windows 98 or Windows NT/2000, and even Windows XP, only now can you realize and control initial system installs. OEM CD's lack the hard disk partitioning tools, system restore and other useful tools. Although there are others who have created these "all in 1" CD's, these are built by some specialized man that doesn't know exactly what you want or need. These CD's are also of a general nature not to mention huge and lengthy to download. These MultiBoot CD's being sold by others may not satisfy the individual needs or demands you require.
EasyBoot can:
1. Realize local language, multiple selections, and colorful menus.
2. Create screen layouts, Insert text, menu bars and function keys with a full GUI
3. Preview the actual effects during the design process.
4. Automatically generate boot loader and menu files.
5. Directly build bootable ISO files that are ready to burn.
Additional details:
1. Full Graphical User Interface, it is easy to learn for everyone.
2. Only adds one additional file to the root directory of your CD, does not destroy the original native style.
3. Supports up to 36 menu items.
4. Supports , , , and keys to select menus, and keys to boot.
5. Supports User-Defined accelerated keys (such as 0-9, a-z) to directly select menu item.
6. Supports User-Defined function keys (such as Esc, F1-F12) to directly boot selected option.
7. You can choose "Run Directly" or "Select" for the execution mode of the accelerated keys.
8. You can choose translate all input key to small letter or capital letter.
9. Supports User-Defined cursor key movement, so you can freely layout the screen menu.
10. Supports Sub-menus to create extremely complex boot CD's.
11. supports startup logo
12. supports background image
13. supports time counter
14. supports password pretection to bootable CD
15. Convenient but powerful edit functions
+ Freely defined screen layout, text, menus and function keys.
+ Supports boot screen preview, directly see the actual effect.
+ Supports select/edit object in preview window, to create/move/modify objects coordinates with mouse and keyboard.
+ Supports Undo function, easily restore to previous condition.
16. Built in ISO image generation feature, with advanced feature such as "Optimize" and "Set Date/Time".
EasyBoot runs on Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP.
Changes in EasyBoot 5.12 (April 22, 2008):
+) Supports Vista boot loader
+) New command 'memdisk', can run floppy/hdd image file with isolinux/memdisk (by H. Peter Anvin)
+) Option to allow lowercase in filenames on making an ISO image
*) Improved large floppy image support (run)

Size: 2.63 MB

Name: Bernd Glanzer
Code: 19B-3C26-ADB9-44E3

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